Application for Parkview II Commons and Ten Sampson

All persons over the age of 18 wishing to reside at the property must complete this application.

Application Fee: $50.00 – Payable to Max Fluss Inc. (Nonrefundable) per application.

Deposit Required: $200.00 – If application is accepted, deposit will be credited towards Security Deposit. If denied, it will be refunded to address given. .

Downloadable Application

If you prefer, you can download one of the following applications to your desktop and return a completed copy to a Max Fluss representative.

Applicant Information

Current Residence


Current Employer

Previous Employer



Other occupants

Emergency Contact


Receipt of application fee, deposit, copy of drivers license and two recent pay stubs will be required to complete application process. Deposit must be submitted to our office within 48 hours of application to secure apartment.


It is understood that this is merely an application for an apartment and is subject to acceptance or rejection at any time by the owners at their discretion. If application is accepted, lease is to be executed by Tenant immediately; otherwise deposit hereunder will be retained as liquidated damages. Landlord has the right to rely upon the information given herein, and in the event that investigation proves any of the applicant’s statements false, landlord may reject application, or if lease has been executed, may terminate the same as if a breach of lease has occurred. The undersigned applicant and co-signer hereby consent to allow Max Fluss Inc. (“MFI”), itself or through its designated agents or employees, to obtain a consumer report on each of us and to obtain and verify each of our credit and employment information for the purpose of determining whether to lease an apartment to me/us. We also agree and understand that MFI and its agents and employees may obtain additional consumer reports on each if us in the future to update or review our account. Upon request, MFI will tell me/us whether consumer reports were requested and the names and addresses of any consumer reporting agency that provided such reports.


I have read and agree to the terms.